First Run of the year!

On January 1, Charlotte and myself Grape Crush participated in the Lowell 1st Run 5k. We were going to do the 10k, but Charlotte had a couple of minor sugeries done in the weeks prior and she wasn’t able to run for awhile. Truth be told, I wasn’t able to train properly for a 10k, either. We decided to change to the 5k and were very happy we did.

We went to the race where it was packed! Picked up our shirts, hats, bib numbers and got ready. Between the 5k and 10k runners, there were over 1100 people in this race!

I was so excited to use my new Garmin to watch my pace. But, the race distance was off. Garmin said it was 3.19 miles. Also, my official time was a little different than what Garmin said. I’m going by my Garmin :)

  • 3.19 miles
  • 30:44
  • 9:38/mile

My goal was 9:30 miles and I was pretty laid back about my running in the week or so leading up to the race, so I was okay with this time! It did cause me to re-evaluate my race goals for the year, and I’m excited to get after them!

Another thing I am excited about is this picture.

Check out my stride! Back in December I wrote this post about heel strike vs. forefoot strike running. This picture tells me that my stride is definitely changing! Success!

We got these cute finishers medals

As well as a great running hat and long sleeve shirt. It was a fun way to start the year, I’d highly recommend this race if you live in the area!

If you have a Garmin or track your mileage online and its different than the official race distance, which do you go by?

Also, check out my guest post on Little Bitty Bakes today… White Chocolate Mini Chip Peanut Butter Cups, yum!

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3 Responses to First Run of the year!

  1. I go by what my Garmin says. I’ve heard that races are technically measured at the “shortest” point so everyone goes “at least” the published distance. So if you take wide corners, or have to weave in and out of people, you’re adding a bit of distance to the course. I’ve run longer races that end up being .4 miles longer because I tend to run wide corners!

  2. Hmm, I think I’d go with what the Garmin says. Definitely agree with Theresa- you almost always run further than the course distance (i.e., 5k) because it’s nearly impossible to run the shortest route.

  3. Great job! The medals are pretty fancy! I don’t have a Garmin, but I hear that the race times can be off.

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