Popovers for everyone!

I have this fantasy in my head that when my kids are older, they’ll say “my mom used to make popovers for breakfast…” I know… I’m the one in control of this happening.

Have you ever had one? Not to be confused with Popples. And if you know what a Popple is, there’s a good chance you know what a Snork is… but I digress.  They are fluffy and chewy and the perfect vessel for butter or jam (popovers, not Snorks). They are a welcome change to the dinner roll at a dinner party or something different for breakfast. Its probably not the healthiest thing you could indulge in, so I sway toward jam. To even things out.

Or apple butter… what have you.

The real trick to popovers is having the right pan. The deep, narrow cups push the steam to rise and pop over the top, and kind of blow out the inside of the popover. I just looked on Amazon and there are several options under $20. And once you get the pan, the hard part is over!

Popover batter is easy to make and uses ingredients that you probably have. I’ve lost the recipe that came with the pan, but I made some using Martha’s recipe from the baking handbook last weekend and they came out delicious. They did stick to the pan more than the original Williams Sonoma recipe I was using before. I just decided to use the internet for its purpose and look it up, and there it was… fancy that.

Hot tip: I used half the batter right after making it to go with dinner, and put the rest in the fridge and used it the next morning. Letting the batter sit made them even better.

In looking for recipes I’m finding ones with cheese, and herbs, and other variations. I may be persuaded to try some of these someday… but they’re so great in their simplicity as is, that I don’t think they need much in the way of tweaking. They’re a great little something extra to add to your next gathering, or even just to enjoy on a quiet morning. And I bet with enough practice, could be one of those recipes that gets stuck in your head so when you lose it, (the recipe, that is), its no big deal.

Some recipes (I can vouch for the first and third!):

Now go get yourself a popover pan!

Do you like popovers? Do you/would you buy single-use kitchen tools like a popover pan?

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2 Responses to Popovers for everyone!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Popples and Snorks 4 life. As for single-purpose bake ware, I just bought a mini bundt pan thing. We’ll see how that goes.

    So… I’ve had exactly one popover in my life, at a bakery in New York after a race. My friend was talking them up huge, so I was very excited (this was before I became gluten challenged). I had my first bite… and hated it. Maybe I was doing it wrong? Maybe their popover pan broke?

    • Michelle says:

      Well… maybe you just don’t like them? Or maybe you were expecting something different. I feel like they taste more eggy than they look.
      If we all liked the same things… how boring would that be?

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