Life lessons pregnancy has taught me.

33 weeks has given me lots of time to reflect. While a lot of my time is focused on my future and things I need to do (I need to wash her clothes and put them away rightnow, I need to organize her diaper storage rightnow, I need to put curtains up so our neighbors can’t see into our bedroom rightnow), I’m also trying to remain in the moment and enjoy this time with myself. Pregnancy is certainly life changing and its taught me some things that I knew in my head before, but have been forced to put into practice “in my condition”. (A guy in the Panera parking lot actually said to me yesterday, “My wife is in the same situation as you.” So I guess I’m in a situation, here.)

1. Pick a color

I’ve read fashion blogs, lots of them. I know about remixing. And while I’m not a clothes horse, I do like all different kinds of clothes. I didn’t want to spend a lot on maternity clothes (that’s where they get you!) so I focused on two colors. Easy picks for me were grey and black, naturally.

This was seriously my uniform this winter. Add a scarf, switch the shoes, wear a different color shirt under the sweater… it all works. Maybe in the fall I’ll build around camel and red and get really crazy, who knows. The point is, I saved a lot of money by wearing the same clothes and just mixing them up differently week after week, and I think I’m going to start building my whole wardrobe like this. Along with saving money, it really took the guesswork out of getting ready in the morning.

2. Just say no

My schedule is just about always jam packed. Before I got pregnant, I would run myself around until I was so tired I could barely move and then I’d crash. With a little person depending on my energy level, I just can’t do this any more. And I know that’s all I’ll be doing this summer. Saying no to appointments, not taking cookie orders at Christmas, and letting the tidying up go every now and then around the house have helped me make time to put my feet up every now and then and get some extra rest.

3. Just say yes

I have a hard time accepting help. Whether its lifting a heavy box at home or at work, hosting a holiday, or any other help with projects, I like to do it all myself. Being told that I physically cannot do these things was expected, but still tough to adjust to. It has helped me get more rest and make the things that I do more worthwhile. Hosting Easter was a group effort that paid off with a wonderful holiday.

Along with the rest, conditioning myself to do this is going to be helpful once the baby comes, since everyone keeps telling me that I should take advantage of help from family and friends then, too.

4. Its your thing

When I tell people I am taking hypnobirthing classes, they look at me the same way as when I say I am going to be cloth diapering. “I’m not going to say anything, but you are insane.” And if I didn’t truly believe that both of these decisions were right for me and my family, I would probably let those looks and questions get to me. (You’re going to put poop in your washing machine? Why would you do all that work? You’re not going to follow through with that. You’ll want an epidural when you get there.) This is the beginning of a lifetime of questions and odd looks from people when it comes to choices I make, but I know that if I research what I’m doing and make informed choices that I believe in, I really won’t care about other people’s opinions. I wish this confidence in my choices had come earlier in life, but am glad I’m learning it now.

5. Slow down and smell… everything

Seriously, I smell everything. I feel like I’ve acquired a superpower and I wish I could actually use it for something. Instead, I had to practice quashing it so I didn’t fall over when I walked into the Aquarium a couple weeks ago. (Pregnant women, beware the smells of the Aquarium.) While this supersmell is going to be going away, I’m hoping that I still am able to slow down and appreciate things and people as much when I become a mom. This time has been spent trying to spend as much time with myself, doing things I want to do, and with Erm as possible, because I know time is very soon going to be a valuable commodity. I’ve jumped at chances to do things alone, like going to see Stephen King speak, checked things off of my to do list with friends (tea with Elizabeth) and taken little getaways and dates with my better half. While I am jumping out of my skin with excitement to have this baby, I am also going to try to make time for me and those I love and make that time count.

These things are all no-brainers, but things I needed to experience to remind myself how important they are. Reflecting has been so good for me.

Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. (My comment didn’t post so sorry if this is a duplicate!) These are SUCH true words (especially #2, 3, and 4)! I have definitely had a black jeans/black cardigan/colored shirt pregnancy uniform. It’s worked great but now I’m over it!

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