Pregnant women plan, and their babies laugh

Well. My last day of work was supposed to be the 17th, and my due date was the 23rd. So, I had these plans to be home for a week (or more!) eating bon bons on the couch and writing posts about my favorite pregnancy products (that’s coming) and our experience with hypnobirthing (also coming… someday) and putting together baby things and what not.

But someone had other plans!

Priscilla was born to us in the weeist of hours on Thursday the 16th. We are crazy about her, obviously. She is named after my Nana who passed last February and I miss every single day.

She is happy and healthy and everything we’ve wanted.

¬†And I’m happy to be back to blogging. Not every day, but definitely more than once a month, and probably more than once a week! Because as happy as I am, I’ve already made up too many songs about peepee di-pees (translation: wet diapers) and I need to do something somewhat intelligent. It won’t be all baby stuff because I like balance but I’m warning you… there will be baby stuff.

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  1. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful!!! Congrats. I love her name. :)

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