My favorite products during pregnancy

Its been a month (!) since I’ve been pregnant, I can’t believe it. It feels like forever ago that I looked like this:

As you can imagine, that bump changed my day to day life. Here’s some things that made life a little more comfortable.

1. Sperrys

I was lucky that it wasn’t until 34 weeks or so that my feet started to swell, but when they did, they turned into big Hobbit feet. Me and my coworkers would just stare and laugh at the end of every day (and sometimes at the beginning of the day!). Certain shoes made things better or worse and my Sperry’s were the best combination of support without making my feet or ankles swell too much. I’m lucky they were acceptable at work… but at 34+ weeks pregnant, who is going to argue with whatever shoes you’re wearing?

2. Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion

Those swollen feet were my most annoying symptom. I never thought I’d want to see my skinny Skeletor feet so badly. All that swelling hurt by the end of the day. This foot lotion is my favorite for many reasons: it has peppermint but doesn’t make your feet feel like they’re on fire, it has Arnica which is a natural anti-inflammatory and has some pain killing qualities, and a little goes a long way.

3. Pregnancy Wedge

I used the Snoogle in the beginning of my pregnancy, but once that belly got big, it started pulling on my back when I would sleep on my side at night. I went for a prenatal massage and the therapist slid one of these under me and I was able to be comfortable lying down again. I ran out and bought this… you could also put it between your knees for your hips (another common sleep ruiner). $14 at Babies R Us.

4. Loved by Heidi Klum leggings

I was surprised to see these advertised on the website as regular clothes leggings, because when I saw them in the store I immediately thought exercise leggings. Regardless, I’m glad I got them. They hit under the belly, which I preferred in my third trimester. And look how slimming that bright stripe down the side is! I had a tough time finding workout gear for pregnant people and these pants were perfect. I wore them to yoga, prenatal fitness, physical therapy, and running errands. And right now they’re ONLY $9.99! Go get yourself a pair of each.

5. Glazed donuts

Not really a product, I just ate a lot of glazed donuts in my last two months… in my Heidi Klum leggings. As noted by everyone close to me.

I used a lot of things in my 40 weeks but these were my favorite things that made me more comfortable.  Have you used anything lately that’s made your life easier?

(I was not compensated in any way for this post, I bought these things with my own money and I wanted to share them with other uncomfortable pregnant women.)

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  1. Ha- love the addition of glazed doughnuts! Isn’t it crazy to see yourself super pregnant now that you’re not?! (not that I look like my “old” self quite yet…)

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