Onions and lettuce and beets, oh my

One of the things I couldn’t wait for when we moved was to start a garden. And by I, I mean Erm and his dad, because they have farmer blood running through their veins. My father-in-law grew up on a farm in Italy that the family still lives on and he has a huge garden at his house that Erm grew up on. While I could nurse a dead fish back to life, I am really not good with plants. But I’m hoping to turn that around this summer.

There she is… my garden.

In the garden, according to my super stylish (not) sticks, we have: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, carrots, spaghetti squash, peas, beets, strawberries, celery, zucchini, spinach and gladiolas. (as a buffer to the strawberries…I think)

For the record, I am most excited for the carrots.

Some of these were started from seed and some were started from plants, like the lettuce and beets and about half of the others. We are going to have a LOT of lettuce.

Now since I couldn’t partake in the building of the garden or the planting, I now am the master weeder. And because I wanted a crop of my own, I bought a packet of microgreen seeds and planted those, so I feel like I’m contributing to our harvest. Because microgreens are definitely comparable to beets and carrots and eggplant.

And there’s my our garden! I’m a total novice at the gardening thing, so I will probably share things on here that I learn about gardening that people actually know. But if you are plant-challenged like me, I’m looking forward to learning together.

In all seriousness, I’m really excited to be growing our own vegetables. Any time I can have total control over what I’m eating is great by me. I’m thinking of starting a petition for Erm to let me get some chickens for eggs for the same reason.

Oh, and I get my inspiration from Mavis at One Hundred Dollars a Month. She grows thousands of pounds of food every year and aims to feed her family on $100 a month, its fascinating.

Are you growing anything this summer?

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One Response to Onions and lettuce and beets, oh my

  1. Elizabeth K. says:

    Make sure you add some herbs to that garden. I’m sure you know how great the fresh ones are. And they love fish poop. My oregano and basil and parsley thrive here, even with the heat. Have you tried Cuban oregano? It has a citrus aroma. I did one tomato plant this year and next year will try my first zuchini.
    After growing a Precious Priscilla, I’m sure you and Erm can grow anything.

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