Checking in

Remember when this blog was about running? A loooooong time ago.

Well this mama has been back at it for a few weeks! I joined a gym near us and have been going when time permits. Now, I did not run throughout my pregnancy nor in the first 6 months after I had Priscilla so my concern (as always) has been how to run and not hurt myself. Enter the Couch to 5K program. I am really starting over and want to do it right. I can go on spur of the moment runs, but I have no time for physical therapy if I hurt myself again.

I just registered for a race series coming up and I’m super excited about it. Part of my 2014 goals are to make more time to do the things I enjoy and running (more like racing…) is one of those. And another goal is organizing myself better so training plans are the perfect marriage of those two.

Just from the short amount of time I’ve been back at it, I’m realizing how good it is for me. I come home excited to plan our meals for the week if its a Sunday run. And I always come back with a clearer head and calmer soul. It makes me a better person, wife and mommy.

Hopefully I can find time to pop in for updates and bring this blog back to what it was originally intended for!


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  1. Heather says:

    I have been itching to run the past couple of weeks, but I refuse to do so outside and don’t currently have access to a treadmill. I’m glad to hear you are putting running/racing on the priority list for 2014; it’s so important to keep doing the things we love to do, even when we feel like time to do so is limited. I am learning this all too well this winter! :) (especially when those things we love to do are also good for our physical health, too!)

    Remind me to reread what I just wrote here at least twice a week 😉

    anyway… go you! I love getting back to running with the Couch to 5K plan anytime I take a season off.

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